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Urban Solutions

Danish Solutions for Global Cities

The world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and this trend is expected to continue rapidly in the following decades. Urbanisation puts an increasing pressure on cities’ ability to provide core amenities for housing, energy production and consumption, health, transport, and waste-, water- and traffic management.

Dealing with these obstacles conjointly is a very complex task. For cities to embrace these challenges, while remaining competitive in the global economy, the demand for urban solutions – and notably holistic solutions – has increased significantly.

With the Urban Solutions initiative, the Trade Council wants to turn urbanisation into tangible export opportunities for Danish companies.

See the video from our launch of Urban Solutions June 2017

What can the Trade Council do for you?
The Trade Council in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is globally integrated with Danish trade missions around the globe. With industry experience, local market knowledge and strong local ties with both public and private actors, the Trade Council is well in place to generate and catalyse leads into tangible export opportunities for Danish companies. Furthermore, the Trade Council’s vast network of Danish companies at home and abroad provides a deep pool of relevant products, services and expertise. This puts the Trade Council in a privileged position to become the platform from which the ‘urban solutions approach’ to exports can be facilitated.


The Urban Solutions initiative is anchored online as a digital platform, which will formalise the network consisting of the Trade Council and its missions and the Danish suppliers, technical advisors and public authorities together with developers, investors and municipalities globally. This platform will add value to the growing ecosystem of Danish urban solutions by ensuring a common point of reference for all followers/members, from which they can reach out, process and react upon tangible leads conjointly.

Denmark has the solutions – Let’s connect them to the world
Denmark’s reputation for providing innovative, sustainable and intelligent solutions is among the strongest in the world, and Danish cities attracts hundreds of foreign delegations looking for inspiration. Denmark’s lead position is based on a long tradition of involving many different stakeholders in decision and planning processes regarding environmental and urban development, resulting in holistic and inclusive solutions. However, in order to convert this reputation into tangible market opportunities for exports, Danish companies need to think urban solutions into their business models. This will add significant leverage to their export potential by offering cities a solution that is often better, more efficient and less prone to risks. Through the Urban Solutions initiative, the Trade Council can connect Danish suppliers to the world.

Is your company ready to join strategic alliances and meet the needs of urbanising cities around the globe?

Join our LinkedIn Community here, and reach out directly to the Trade Council here: urbansolutions@um.dk

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Join our LinkedIn Community here, and reach out directly to the Trade Council here urbansolutions@um.dk