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Singapore to become world's first Smart Nation - with input from Denmark

The Trade Council brings Danish SMEs and Living Labs to the table in Singapore's mission to become the world's first Smart Nation

What does it take to be a Smart Nation?

Singapore is continuously developing in its quest to become the world’s first ‘Smart Nation’. To accomplish this, the island state is investing heavily in urban development, high-tech solutions, citizen engagement and liveability. Danish companies are experts in developing green, sustainable and smart cities, and Singapore wants to learn from Denmark’s urban solutions.

Building bridges

In order to create a platform for Singapore to do business with Danish SMEs, the Trade Council in Singapore has launched the Smart City World Labs project, together with its consortium partners: Gate 21 (lead), the Technical University of Denmark, the City of Copenhagen, and Quercus Group. The project is a collaboration between Singaporean and Danish living labs – innovative environments that offer companies the opportunity to test and demonstrate their solutions in real life, on the streets and by citizens.

By establishing a living lab collaboration between two countries, we hope to accelerate SME exports by paving the way for Danish companies to test and demonstrate their solutions in a Singaporean context”, says Mads Lebech, CEO of the Industrial Foundation.

Living labs are catalysts for Danish SME export

By bringing together innovative living lab environments and the many businesses that are active within them, Danish businesses get a strong access to the Singaporean market.

In December 2016, 16 Danish SMEs got the unique opportunity to pitch their sustainable urban solutions in front of Temasek, Singapore’s largest investor, and Surbana Jurong, Singapore’s largest private city developer. Since then, several of the SMEs have started negotiating contracts in Singapore.

In May 2017, another milestone was reached when the consortium entered into an agreement with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with the purpose of inviting Danish SMEs to test and adapt their innovative solutions at the university’s Eco-Campus, which is already a living lab for many environment-friendly research projects. Under the agreement, the Danish consortium experts and the Energy Research Institute @ NTU will explore five broad areas of research together: Green building technologies, electromobility, environmental sustainability, liveability, and sustainable energy solutions.

Next steps

The Trade Council is currently activating SME funding programs VITUS and Climate KIC in Singapore in order to get the next SME export adventure started. Does your company have the innovative solutions that Singapore needs? The market is ready for you.

Reach out to our sector advisor, Ole Boisselier-Malmgren, on oleboi@um.dk


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