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Sustainability and opportunities for Danish Companies in the UAE

Dubai is on the outlook for Danish companies to join the emirate’s journey towards becoming the world’s most sustainable city. For one, the city will soon be home to The Green Sports Hub, a sustainable sports academy initiated by Danish football hero Ebbe Sand

Dubai is known for having ambitious strategies and goals – and for fulfilling them! Therefore, the vision of the leadership in Abu Dhabi and Dubai towards becoming the most sustainable cities in the world means great business opportunities for Danish companies. It will be exciting to witness how  Dubai, as one of the fastest growing cities, can transform into the most sustainable city as well – and even more exciting if the transformation is done with Danish solutions and knowhow. The Trade Council has already identified the first projects for Danish companies.

The Dubai vision clearly states the goal to be among the most sustainable cities in the world, and this means a strong focus on a sustainable society in a broad sense. This again means business opportunities within areas such as water, energy, environment, and waste management, as well as sustainable architecture, landscaping and design– just to name a few. Dubai is known to look worldwide for the best solutions to a given problem. They aim at being number one and they are looking to work with world class suppliers. Denmark’s decades long expertise concerning political strategy and implementation of green solutions has been noticed, giving us a strong reputation as a front runner.

Dubai is preparing to host the world’s most sustainable Expo in 2020. Main focus areas here are to incorporate the three main pillars of sustainability to the city: Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability. Dubai seeks to provide its residents and workers with the maximum quality of life together with the lowest environmental footprint

During the last six years the Trade Council in Dubai has worked extensively with promoting Danish businesses within the above mentioned green areas to the government, public authorities, developers and private companies. According to Ms. Astrid S. C. Nielsen, Head of Commercial Section and Sector Expert on Renewable Energy & Sustainability, “The strong relations we have built in the aftermath of the financial crises to key stakeholders within the industry and government - and the fact that Denmark is known as a world leader within sustainability - is a tremendous advantage for Danish companies aiming to enter the market in UAE. We are in dialog with several developers and project owners that are in the planning stage and keen on implementing sustainable solutions into their projects. We see great opportunities for Danish companies to be part of delivering the knowledge, solutions and technologies to these projects”.

Some projects with Danish solutions are already off ground, e.g. the most sustainable school, designed by Danish architectures will be built in the Sustainable City, the developers behind the city is further interested in exploring Danish products as well as the Residential Eco villas; which focuses on Danish sustainable materials and solutions. 


The Green Sports Hub

One major Danish project is The Green Sports Hub by Ebbe Sand, which is to be the world's first sustainable sports hub. Initiated by football hero Ebbe Sand, it has a focus on state-of-the-art Danish sustainable materials and solutions

The Trade Council has worked on introducing The Green Sports Hub to key actors in Dubai right from the start, to help get the project up and running, while ensuring that other Danish businesses get on board. The impressive structure will span an area of 50.000 sqm, and stands to be a massive showcase for Danish companies in their ability to fit together sports, health and sustainability.


Other Current Projects and Developments in Dubai

Projects such as Dubai South; a city expected to accommodate 1 million people, including the world’s biggest airport, schools, hotels, retail, etc. “The Heart of Europe” which is part of the World Islands, The Heart of Europe is a cluster of six islands of Germany, Monaco, Sweden, Switzerland, St Petersburg and Main Europe. The project will set a new benchmark for sustainability and innovation incorporating green features, solar power and state-of-the-art technology. Desert Rose; a 14,000-hectare smart city expected to accommodate 20,000 plots for Emiratis with focus on sustainability.

Waste management is another area that has high political focus. Waste reduction is a major issue as almost 8000 tonnes of waste are going into landfills in Dubai every day. The majority of the waste is not recycled however, the Emirate has decided to completely eliminate waste by implementing the “zero waste strategy 2030”, which the UAE waste industry is not yet fit to manage. Danish companies, on the other hand, are up to the task.

Many more projects are to be executed in the near future – including district cooling, energy efficiency, materials optimization on so on. Danish companies have already been introduced to some of the above projects by the Trade Council in Dubai and we would be delighted to assist more Danish companies into the fast growing market in UAE.

The Trade Council is furthermore in dialogue with the water authorities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and the Agriculture Center in Abu Dhabi in order to promote Danish solutions with improving water management. The country is primarily relying on desalinated seawater and bottled drinking water. Sustainable solutions are needed within water recycling, highly efficient and smart irrigation systems, water metres and appliances.


Exhibition and Network Opportunity in October 2017 - WETEX

Each year UAE host a range of exhibitions and conferences focusing on technologies and solutions to make sure the country will keep its rapid development in a sustainable manner. The Trade Council in Dubai is in collaboration with Act NOW by Grundfos, Confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green planning multiple export promotions activities in Q4 2017, among other WETEX (Water, Energy, Technology and Environment) which are taking  place in Dubai 23rd – 25th of October 2017. We invite you to join us at the Danish Pavilion. For more information, please click here.


More information about the market and opportunities in UAE

If you want to become part of the adventure building a more sustainable Dubai, please contact Ms. Astrid Svitzer Ching Nielsen, Head of Commercial Section & MENA Regional Advisor, Sector Expert in Renewable Energy & Sustainability at the Royal Danish Consulate General in Dubai.
asthan@um.dk / Mobil: +971 50 652 8620.

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