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Sustainable Retrofitting spreads through Malaysia

The Trade Council helps DEEP expand market for building green and energy efficient through all Malaysian states.

How do you implement energy efficient investments with a lack of financing?

In Malaysia, energy efficiency is high on the Government’s agenda at both state and city level. Investing in energy efficiency is sound business, with savings in costs offsetting the price of investment. However, this goes nowhere, if the financing for the initial investment is not there. It was with this insight in mind that the Danish Energy Efficiency Partners (DEEP) decided to enter Malaysia.

The Trade Council strengthens your success

DEEP has managed to sign a contract with the Malaysian state of Melaka to install energy efficient technologies and services in 9 state-owned buildings, despite the state being low on funding. The Trade Council in Malaysia recognizes DEEP’s successful approach and has been supporting and working with DEEP to help them spread their business model into other Malaysian states by targeting high energy consuming sectors in Malaysia, where DEEP may have a business advantage.

DEEP offers to pay for the initial expenses

DEEP works with retrofitting, where they upgrade the energy efficiency of existing buildings. What makes their approach unique, is that they offer to pay for the initial investment costs, and instead get their payment from sharing the savings on energy costs with their client. There is no upfront capital expenditure for the client, which allows for larger projects to be undertaken in a group of buildings in a city or state.

Danish Ambassador to Malaysia, Nicolai Ruge on DEEP in Malaysia:


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For more information on the Malaysian market, please contact Joakim Larsen / joalar@um.dk / +60 126 880 744

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