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Supplying the Schools of Sweden

Sweden faces a need to renovate and update its school system. The Trade Council used this opportunity to focus on, how Danish products may help foster a better learning environment.

What does it take to build a good school?

A large quantity of schools throughout Sweden built in the 60s and 70s need to be renovated or completely rebuilt. Today, there is a lot more knowledge about what constitutes a good learning environment. Architecture. Lighting. Acoustics. Ventilation. All these areas have significant impact on children’s progress in school. In Sweden, fostering a better learning environment has become a top priority. The Trade Council believes that Danish companies can help.

Putting Danish companies in the core of the Swedish school system
The Trade Council has sought to connect Danish companies to the core of the Swedish school system – learning. The Trade Council in Sweden had renowned experts give talks on how to foster the best learning environment possible, while also presenting Danish companies active within the field. Hearing about the importance of acoustics from both an expert and a company active within this field has deepened the understanding of the issue for Swedish key actors, whilst also positioning the companies well to become suppliers to the schools.
The Trade Council conducted tree exclusive one-day events in the cities of Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. Five Danish companies within ventilation, heating, acoustics, carpets and classroom furniture accompanied three experts on the latest research within learning shared the platform throughout the day. The events were targeted to both public officials, architects and school leaders. The events experienced overwhelming participation and interest, further tying the development of Sweden’s school system together with Danish companies.

Which other trade areas call for renewed attention? The Trade Council can help spread awareness about the importance of your industry and expertize on foreign markets. All around the world The Trade Council works to create awareness of Danish companies and build bridges for more trade.

For more information about the Danish engagement in the Swedish school systems, please contact René George Jensen / reneje@um.dk / +46 84 06 75 14

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