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The French Metropoles - urban local authorities with ambitious investment plans

In connection with its territorial reform, France is seeking to make powerhouses of its main cities so that they can help drive growth. The growth in the number of French is a fairly new creation. 22 Metropoles, all with more than 400,000 inhabitants, have been created so far. These Metropoles have important competences on overall urban planning, energy distribution and environmental issues and must define strategies for the years to come.

Considerable investments are planned to increase energy efficiency, introduce green energy solutions, reduce waste, improve water management, improve air quality and make the metropoles smarter – all this in order to increase attractiveness of these cities, for French as well as for foreign investors.
Many of the investment areas play to the strengths of Danish companies within the urban (Metropoles and major Cities) solutions area such as: Grenoble-Alpes Metropole  investing in low temperature district heating, Lyon leading one of the largest urban planning projects in Europe called Confluence representing an investment of 1.15B€, Toulouse investing 500M€ in Smart city solutions (+200M€ est. from private investors) and Paris Water modernizing the Orly Water plant by 2020 (35M€ budget) as a part of their drinking water plan.

Cities learn from cities - and their solutions
The Danish Embassy in Paris is collaborating with French cities in many ways, through our cultural, political, consular and commercial departments. In 2013 the Embassy organised at 2 day event in La Maison du Danemark in Paris to discuss solutions for developing sustainable cities gathering political and technical representatives from 6 Danish cities, universities and companies and approximately 350 French city stakeholders from approx. 50 French cities, urban developers and major French Utilities. Since then several visits to Denmark with French city delegations have consolidated the interest in the Danish Model and for Danish solutions.

The initiatives taken by the Embassy with regards to urban solutions will be continued and intensified over the coming years and your companies can be part of this. 

Want to know more
If you want to know more about your opportunities of exporting your urban solutions to France, do not hesitate to reach out to our sector adviser

Karen-Luise Johansen Geslin 

+33 (0) or send an e-mail karges@um.dk

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